Top 5 Best Langger Gun Safes in US

Best Langger Gun Safes in US


Langger is one of the best brands when it comes to gun safes. In this article, you will get a brief piece of information about the top 3 Langger gun safes. This will help you in making a decision and choosing the right one for yourself.

List of Top 5 Best Langger Gun Safes in US


Langger Upgraded electronic Rifle gun safe

The Langger Upgraded electronic Rifle gun safe is one of the best selling gun safes in the market. The exterior dimension of the gun safe is 15.7 x 11.8 x 57.2 inches and the interior dimension is 15.4 x 8.8 x 56.6 inches. It has a tough and strong body made with 14 gauge sturdy steel. The steel walls and the inner edges are tamper-resistant contributes to the higher durability of this gun safe. The storage shelf inside the safe can be removed easily and installed again. This gun safe can store your handguns and Rifle to length 43 inches. There are pre-punched holes that make the task of mounting easy. 

You can set a 9 digit long password which ensures good security as you can create a strong password. This gun safe effectively secures your firearms. There is a wrong access alarm that gets activated after 5 wrong attempts of entering the password are made. You can also set it to silent mode when it is required. Along with the gun safe, you get a few essential accessories that include 2 main keys, 2 lockbox keys, 4 anchor bolts, 1 emergency battery pack, 4 AA batteries, 1 removable shelf and a user manual. 

Customers from all over the country who are using the Langer upgraded electronic Rifle gun safe Biometric Rifle gun safe are extremely satisfied with the security that it provides. You also get 24 /7 customer service available to answer your product related queries and problems. The cost of the product is slightly towards the higher side but totally justifies the amount of security it provides. You should definitely consider buying it. The gun safe is suitable for office and home installation. You can order it from any online store or from physical shops.


Langger Biometric Rifle Gun safe

The Langger Biometric Rifle Gun safe has been one of the best selling gun safes in the market for quite a long time. The black coloured gun safe looks very classic. The outer dimension is 13.75 x 13 x 57 inches and the inner dimension is 13.4 x 12 x 56.5 inches. It has a solid steel body that is seamlessly welded. The pre-punched holes make the process of mounting hassle free. The chamber is removable. You can store your rifles of length less than 43.5 inches. It is built with high quality steel that makes it durable for a longer period. 

This gun safe provides security in three different modes. There is a Biometric fingerprint sensor which is a semiconductor of 500 DPI. It can retain up to 100 unique fingerprints. The touch mechanism works perfectly. You can also set up a 9 digit password that makes the security strong. You also get two. Access keys by which you can quickly open the case in case of emergencies. The wrong access alarm gets activated after the password is incorrectly entered several times. You can also choose to put the alarm on silent. 

Along with the gun safe you also get a few necessary accessories that includes 2 main keys, 2 lock box keys, 4 anchor bolts for the purpose of mounting, 1 emergency battery pack, 4 AA batteries for the purpose of testing, 1 removable shelf and a user manual. 

Buyers from different parts of the country are extremely satisfied with the gun safe and its security. The cost of the safe is reasonable. You can buy it from all online stores. The delivery and packaging doesntakekes a toll on the product. You can also buy it from physical stores. This investment will be of immense benefit. 


The Langger V Biometric gun safe

The Langger V Biometric gun safe Is one of the most appreciated gun safe in the market. It was launched recently and has made its place in the best selling gun safes. The weight of the product is 80 lbs. The outer dimensions are 12.0 x11. 4 x 56 inches and the inner dimensions are 11.8 x 8.8 x 55 inches. It comes with 2 removable shelves. It can easily accommodate 4 large rifles upto 55 inches in the chamber. You can install both the shelves as per your requirement of firearms. 

It has been made with good quality of steel. The use of  high quality materials increases the sustaining capacity of the shell by increasing its durability and lowering the rate of corrosion to a large extent. Hence investing in this gun safe will be an ideal deal. There are pre punched holes that are mounted at the back and bottom of the cabinet which ensures smooth attachment of the walls and floors with the bolts. You can move the safe as per your convenience. 

There is an alarm that will get activated after few wrong attempts of  the password. You can also put it on silent mode. The Biometric sensor just takes 2 seconds to scan a fingerprint. It can memorise up to 100 fingerprints. The security features work meticulously every time. You can also lock the gun safe with the spare key provided. Along with the safe, you also get important accessories which are inclusive of 2 Spare keys, 2 removable shelves, 4- AA batteries, 4 – Anchor bolts, 2 keys that serves the inside box and an user manual.

This gun safe will disappoint you in no ways. Hence, you should make your plan of buying it. The customers reviews have been exceptionally positive and humble. You should definitely buy this gun safe that provides top notch security. 


Langger V Biometric Slider Handgun Safe.

The Langger V Biometric Slider Handgun safe is ruling the market since it’s launch. It is the perfect pick for people who travel more often with their guns. It can hold a gun of length 8.875 inches. Along with it you can also carry a spare magazine in it. The slider is designed with anti theft latch that is hidden. It increases the security of your gun. The weight of the safe is 16 pounds. It is constructed with 16 gauge carbon steel which increases its durability. 

Holes are pre punched at the bottom and back of the safe which makes mounting easy. The portable slider gun safe fits into lockers, desks, tables, cars and any small space. It has a foam padded inside that restricts movement of the gun inside the safe.

There is a wrong access beep that rings after one enters incorrect password for 3 times. You can also choose to switch it to silent mode. The security of the safe is top notch. The Biometric sensor works properly everytime. It can retain up to 20 unique fingerprints. No one can break the lock as it has strong impact of the latch. You also get 2 emergency access keys by which the gun safe can be easily unlocked. 

Customers are thoroughly satisfied with this slider gun safe. As you know Langger provides 24/7 customer services. All your doubts and problems will be solved at the earliest. The cost of this  handgun safe is a bit  high due to its phenomenal security. Although the price is reasonable. You can place your order by ordering or mailing at any online store. The packaging of the delivery is done in a smart way that prevents any kind of damage. You can also find it in stores near you. This investment can be the game changer for you. 


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