Awesafe Gun Safe Review in US

Awesafe Gun Safe Review



People have licensed guns at their home. But, It is very important to keep your licensed firearms in a place where they will be safe and secure. One should definitely invest in a gun safe to protect and store their firearms. There are many gun safes available in the market. Choosing the right one for yourself can be difficult.

 In this article, you will get deep knowledge about the Awesafe Gun safe. It is one of the best selling gun safes in the market. It was launched very recently. Since its launch, it has been constantly impressing people with its advanced technology and features. 


A brief piece of information about the gun safe :

The Awesafe Gun safe has been constructed with high quality solid steel that gives it immense strength and toughness. The door is pry-resistant. The locking mechanism is perfectly built-in. They maintain all round security. The fittings are precisely made. The classy gun safe is Black in colour. The exterior dimension is 3.2 x 12.1 x 9.9 inches. Its interior dimensions are 2.2 x 9.7 x 6.7 inches. There are 2 heavy duty bolts that come with the Awesafe Gun safe which makes the mounting simple.


How many batteries does it work on? 

The gun safe works on 4 AA batteries. The gun safe will indicate you with a light when the battery is low so you can replace it quickly. 


How many guns can be stored? 

The Awesafe Gun safe can easily two handguns of standard size. You can also store a large pistol along with some ammunition. It is suitable for people who have very few licenced firearms. 


Is the gun safe portable? 

The Awesafe gun safe is very light weight and can be easily moved from one place to another. The Awesafe Gun safe is very convenient as it can be easily stored in any closet, basement or office.  You can also travel while carrying the gun safe. It perfectly fits within mattresses and car seats. It can be easily accommodated in luggage and backpacks.


How effective is the security? 

Firearm security is incorporated in the Awesafe Gun safe. The alarm gets activated when any unauthorized identity tries to tackle the gun safe. It is secured with a Biometric lock. You can add fingerprints of people to who you want to give access if the safe. You can also set it to only read me mode after which only you will have access to the gun safe. The system can retain up to 30 different fingerprints. However, you must avoid using the fingerprint with greasy or wet fingers. 

It can be also accessed single-handedly. There are keys by which you can set a combination of a pin. This also acts as backup access. Two separate keys are also provided by which you can directly open the gun safe. The whole security panel works very effectively. 

The Awesafe Gun safe has some unique features that make it class apart.  It has a gas strut along with Blue LED lighting inside the chamber that gives better visibility. The Blue light radiates for 30 seconds. Hence, you don’t have to spend extra money to buy additional lights. The door opens instantly without making any noise. 


From where can you purchase it? 

You can buy the Awesafe Gun safe from all online platforms. The packaging is made with precision. As the gun safe is very strong and tough, no damage occurs in the process of delivery. You can also buy it from physical stores and have a check on all the features mentioned above. 


What is the cost of the Gun safe? 

 Buyers from all over the country are extremely satisfied with the Awesafe Gun safe. Although the price is slightly towards the heavier side its functionality makes the purchase a total worth for money. You will rarely find any other gun safe with such features at this price.


How is the Customer service? 

The customer service is available at all times of the day. The workers are very humble and polite. They deal with customer queries very patiently. Buyers get rid of all their product related doubts and queries smoothly. You can also write a mail to get the services. 


Are the buyers satisfied?

Plenty of people from different countries have bought the Awesafe Gun safe this year. All of them have sent positive feedback about the safe. The safe fulfils its purpose of security efficiently. The high quality materials make it highly durable which is appreciated by the buyers. They recommend it to everyone who is looking for a reliable gun safe.

Analyse your requirements well from the points mentioned above. It they match your wants then go ahead and buy the Awesafe Gun safe and secure your firearms.


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